Share a better coffee 

When I discovered specialty coffee back in 2012 in the Ferry building by the bay in San Fran it was like a bolt from the blue. My husband and I looked out at the bay after a foggy ride across the bridge and thought wow. The view was great, company not too shabby, and what we were tasting topped off the experience perfectly.

All of a sudden coffee meant more than just something you drank on a break, it could heighten your enjoyment of an occasion in the same way an amazing plate of food or awesome glass of wine can.

Our revelation wasn’t noticed by our fellow bay gazers, they already knew. To them this is just the way it rightfully was. (Great was standard to them).

Fast forward 7 years, 1000’s of coffees and a journey of flavour discovery later I had just left my job in insurance, and was pondering what next? Back into the race for more of the same or a fresh start? As I sat in the field out back looking at the sun roll over the beautiful Kentish hills, cup in hand, I thought what if I could give people this feeling. So here I am a happy bean counter, escapee of the grind ready to share a better coffee with anyone curious enough to try. Come and join me.

Becs x