For the last 3 months it's felt like a pipe dream, an abstract concept of creating my own business based around something I really enjoy doing. Now it's entering reality phase and the butterflies are building like the first night of the school play. Over the past few weeks I've been a nervous puppy not sure whether to pee or chase my tail, full of excitement and fuelled on cuddles. Thoughts of what if it fails, they don't like it, me, and I'm found out to be a fraud - a coffee charlatan who doesn't know how to draw a decent flower in a latte? Let's banish these and exude puppy power.


To anyone who ever took a risk in good faith and the spirit of genuinely making the world a slightly better place even if it is just in a very small way (I do realise coffee doesn't cure cancer) I take my wooly bobble hat off to you.


So the journey starts here - here goes!



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