'You've got great beans, now what do you do with them?'


Option 1 - Invest in a decent grinder


To get great results each brewing method needs a quite particular grind - from fine for espresso machines through to medium to drip filter and coarse for cafetiere. Consistency is also key as all particles need to be immersed evenly for optimum extraction. Think if you only dunked half a tea bag in your water would you get as flavoursome a brew?

Anyway back to coffee which tastes miles better...

You want to go for a conical burr grinder which gives greater control and consistency. Steer clear of a blade grinder as they chop up your beans into inconsistent bits and also generate heat which can taint the flavour. 


Option 2 - get us to grind it fresh for you


Avoid the effort, tell us how you brew it and we'll grind to order on our big beautiful beast named Ruby. I wanted to name our grinder Chewy but I was overruled comprehensively by our 5 year old daughter.

Just to note beans retain freshness for longer than ground coffee so if you do want us to grind it for you, we'd recommend ordering no more than 2 weeks supply at a time and carefully resealing the bag to retain maximum freshness.

No need to keep it in fridge or freezer - this will create moisture which will actually cause your coffee to lose freshness quicker and dull the taste.


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