‘Easy to master, minimal kit required, great consistent brew’



/ 13g coffee (if brewing over a cup) - ground to consistency of beach sand

/ 26g coffee (if brewing 2 cups over a decanter)

/ Water - 90 degrees C.  If no thermometer to hand wait 30 secs before pouring to lower temp.

/ 2 cup V60 brewer & paper filter



1 / Rinse paper filter & discard rinsing water (rinsing gets rid of the paper taste and pre-warms the cup)

2 / Tap the sides of the cone to level the coffee

3 / Place the dripper onto the cup or decanter.

4 / Pour water over the coffee and it will start to ‘bloom’ (puff up). Aim for the centre and slowly drip water to cover the grounds.

5 / When the bloom stops expanding add the water in a steady stream pouring over any dark or bubbly patches. Continue to pour keeping the kettle spout low & drawing concentric circles - you shoukl aim for 230ml of water (a regular coffee cup 4/5 filled).

6 / Aim to keep the level of the brewing water about two thirds up the inside of the brewer trying to avoid favouring any particular sections of the core. Stir to spin any of the slurry to help the bed drain evenly.

7 / After 3.5 mins your brewing water should have completely drained through the coffee bed.

8 / Drink coffee

9 / Read a magazine. Read a trashy magazine.

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