‘Familiar to most but take note of ratios and timing to get it spot on, then take the plunge, groan!’



Water - 90 degrees C.  If no thermometer to hand wait 30 secs before pouring to lower temp.

Coffee should be coarse ground - consistency of breadcrumbs

Approx measurements

/ 2 tablespoon / 200ml

/ 3 cup = 3-4 tblsp

/ 4 cup = 4-5 tblsp

/ 8 cup = 9-10 tblsp

/ 12 cup = 13-15 tblsp



1 / Add the ground coffee to the cafetière.

2/ Start a timer and pour water onto the coffee. When you pour the water into the cafetiere there may be a bloom at the top where the coffee is either clumped or not making contact with the water. You can minimise that by pouring slowly

3 / Gently stir with a wooden spoon (to prevent any breakages - from experience!)

4 / Place the plunger on top of the coffee pot & depress it into the water about 1 inch. Leave for 3 minutes

5 / After 3 minutes a band of coffee will form under the disc of the plunger. This creates a barrier so it will be difficult to plunge. Leaving it for 3 minutes allows the coffee granules to absorb the hot water & will release more of their oils

6 / To release the band of coffee keep one hand on the plunger lid and give it a sharp tug up. The coffee will swirl & mix in with the water below. Wait 10secs and slowly depress the plunger, Note - there may be some sediment - to minimise the grit in your drink leave ½ - 1 inch of coffee in the bottom of the cafetière

7 / Drink coffee

8/ Switch on radio and tune to appropriate station - Archers / KISS FM, whatever mood takes you

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