‘Gives great body with minimal effort (unlike my gym membership)’



13g coffee - ground to consistency slightly finer than sea salt

Water - 90 degrees C. If no thermometer to hand wait 30 secs before pouring to lower temp.

Aeropress coffee maker

Aeropress filter paper



1 / Put paper filter in the base & rinse well (rinsing gets rid of the paper taste and pre-warms the cup)

2 / Put the Aeropress together on top of the cup

3 / Place ground coffee in the Aeropress and shake to level out.

4 / Pour 220ml of water into the Aeropress. Water should be approx 90 degrees. If no thermometer to hand either stop the kettle just short of boiling point or leave to cool for 30 seconds

5 / Stir well and put on the top of the Aeropress

6 / Wait 2 minutes and then press down until you hear it hiss. Keep going until you touch the bottom.

7 / Drink coffee

8 / Recline in comfy chair

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